Do you have a pre-existing medical condition?

For many people, organising travel insurance before a trip is a simple process of answering a few questions online, or telling their travel agent that they will take the policy.

However if you have a medical condition, care should be taken when buying insurance as the majority of travel insurers in Spain do not provide cover if the customer has a pre-existing medical condition.

But what is a pre-existing medical condition?

Whilst you may feel perfectly healthy, if you are taking any medication or tablets to manage a medical condition, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol, then you have what travel insurers would define as a pre-existing medical condition. Should you need to make a claim for health reasons (maybe to cancel your trip prior to travelling, or for a medical emergency whilst you are away) a travel insurer will assess your claim using evidence from your medical records, if they establish that your claim is due to an existing medical condition, they may refuse to pay out.

This situation can also impact customers with linked medical conditions, for example a customer claiming medical expenses for treatment for a heart attack (which they may never had previously suffered from) may find their claim declined because they are prescribed tablets to control blood pressure.

This places more responsibility on the customer to understand the impact of decisions they make about their health, when purchasing travel insurance. A responsibility, which could be said for many is not fully appreciated.

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